Статистика для статьи. Просто
Получи статистическую обработку как в журналах Scopus
Statzilla is online service which does all the statistical part of research for you: from selecting the most appropriate methods to creating a comprehesive report.

Now publishing your scientific work in PubMed or OpenScience is much easier and faster!
What can you do with our service
Compare groups
Prove statistically significant difference between groups or repeated measures
Reveal relations
Calculate correlations, odds/risks ratios, risk differences, compare them between groups
Create models
Run regression analysis and get the formula describing patterns in your data
Analyze survival
See how the survival and its characteristics look and compare them between groups
Define clusters
Find out how observations can be grouped in clusters and explore differences in clusters
Reduce data complexity
Run factor analysis and shrink your large dataset to a manageble list of factors
Your research is beautiful
So don't let statistics make you hate it. Let us help you
How can I trust you?
We know your research is precious and statistics seems to be so important so you hesitate to entrust it to someone else.

Let us prove you, it will be ok:
We know exactly what you need even if you don't
Our team consists of matematitians with 7-year experience in statistics for medical and biological research. So we can speak your non-statistical language :)
Your statistics will be 100% correct, no doubts
We use R - globally recognized statistical programming language with open libraries - guarantee of correct methodology
No risks
At the end you don't lose anything. In case of any concerns please do not hesitate to contact us at mail@statzilla.ru
Didn't find what you need?
If you have any questions or your task does not look like those listed above, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will try our best to help you!